problem building gmp on Mac G5

Kevin Ryde user42 at
Fri Jan 9 07:27:40 CET 2004

Kate Minola <kminola at> writes:
> Can you give me the result of config.guess for the
> freebsd5.0 and 5.1 machines on which the sscanf problem
> does NOT occur?


A couple we don't have any more, but I'm pretty sure there was no
problem when we did.

> I would like to mention them in my bug
> report to Apple.  (Otherwise I fear that Apple will point
> me at the discussion on the freebsd list and close the
> report.)

The most pertinent part of that I saw, without looking in detail, was
the point that it was better not to be gratuitously different to every
other system with an sscanf, no matter what one can read into the

For a start, the standards in this area for the most part try to
codify the common parts of existing practice, rather than creating
something entirely new.

All followups to gmp-bugs at please.

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