problem building gmp on Mac G5

Kate Minola kminola at
Mon Jan 5 12:45:03 CET 2004


Thank you for the information.
> We've tried to make GMP work with recent Apple compilers,
> but all releases we've tried have had many bugs that cause
> miscompilation of GMP.  

I am using gcc-3.3.2 built from source, not an Apple
supplied compiler.

I thought I should at least be able to build a generic C
version of gmp by using the configure option
--host=none-unknown-darwin.  I thought this only uses C
code for gmp and no assembler code - or is this not
correct?  Yet I get the same problem when I run the test
suite.  Does this indicate that there is a problem with the
gcc compiler - which I should report to the GCC folks?

Kate Minola
Engineering Department
University of Maryland, College Park

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