GMP 5.1 test release

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Sat Dec 8 14:34:38 CET 2012

Please try the GMP 5.1 test release:

Reports to gmp-bugs at please.  Do not follow up to the
gmp-announce list, we promise subscribers to have only announcements

The following list is from NEWS.

Most of the work on GMP 5.1 was done by Niels Möller, Marco Bodrato, and
Torbjörn Granlund.

Changes between GMP version 5.0.* and 5.1.0

  * When reading a C++ number (like mpz_class) in an istream reaches the end
    of the stream, the eofbit is now set.

  * Contains all fixes from release 5.0.5.

  * The n-factorial and n-over-k functions have been reimplemented for great
    speedups for small and large operands.

  * New subquadratic algorithm for the Kronecker/Jacobi/Legendre symbol.
  * Major speedup for ARM, in particular ARM Cortex-A9, thanks to broad
    assembly support.

  * Significant speedup or POWER6 and POWER7 thanks to improved assembly.

  * The performance under M$ Windows' 64-bit ABI has been greatly improved
    thanks to complete assembly support.

  * Minor speed improvements of many functions and for many platforms.

  * New functions for multi-factorials, and primorial: mpz_2fac_ui,
    mpz_mfac_uiui and mpz_primorial_ui.

  * The mpz_powm_sec function now uses side-channel silent division for
    converting into Montgomery residues.

  * The fat binary mechanism is now more robust in its CPU recognition.

  * Inclusion of assembly code is now controlled by the configure options
    --enable-assembly and --disable-assembly.  The "none" CPU targets is gone.

  * In C++, the conversions mpq_class->mpz_class, mpf_class->mpz_class and
    mpf_class->mpq_class are now explicit.

  * Includes "mini-gmp", a small, portable, but less efficient, implementation
    of a subset of GMP's mpn and mpz interfaces. Used in GMP bootstrap, but it
    can also be bundled with applications as a fallback when the real GMP
    library is unavailable.

  * The ABIs under AIX are no longer called aix32 and aix64, but mode64 and 32.
    This is more consistent with other powerpc systems.

  * The coverage of the testsuite has been improved, using the lcov tool.  See


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