GMP 4.2.2 RC4

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Mon Sep 10 01:44:33 CEST 2007

GMP 4.2.2 RC4 is now available from:

There have been changes in the x86 ad x86_64 code, so please re-run
any tests for these systems.  Edits, theoretically trivial, has been
made to files specific to AMD K6 and K7, as well as Pentium Pro/2/3/M,
and Pentium 4.

Brave Macinteltosh owners might want to try this release candidate on
their machines.  It might actually work, for those lucky with the
Xcode release.  (That said assuming you run Mac OS on the system.  If
you run a free OS, you should have much less problems.)  Please
also see

This release candidate really ought to be the last one.  I apologize
for making an entire string of release candidates!

It would be useful if you build+check with both "--enable-static
--disable-shared" and "--enable-shared --disable-static" for the
machines you test at.  Please make sure to completely wipe the build
directory betwen builds (or do a "make distclean").

On 64bit machines, testing the various ABI's GMP offers would also be

Please send success and failure reports to me, not to any GMP mailing

  SHA1 (gmp-4.2.2-rc4.tar.bz2) = 3133fcf61aee99c0eb4108b56dbc1e6108c98079
  MD5 (gmp-4.2.2-rc4.tar.bz2) = 49bf108603fed22f4e28517c7a24c058


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