GMP «Arithmetic without limitations» GMP server security policy

GMP takes security seriously and therefore we protect our servers by the following means.

  1. We maintain a firewall which blocks IP addresses which has been used for ssh login probing, http file name probing, non-anonymous ftp login attempts, etc.
  2. We require account holders to log in from well-maintained machines, and require that these machines do not accept remote logins of any sort.
  3. We monitor the servers using various scripts which raise an alarm as a result of irregular activity.

In addition to the above general security policies, we block:

  1. Incoming email from IP addresses on Spamhaus' zen blacklist.
  2. Incoming email from PR China.

Let us add that we are not happy with blocking rule 2 but it is the only practical rule that is easy to implement and which can prevent problems that have appeared frequently in the past.

If you find that your IP address cannot access the GMP servers, please first check that you can access the Internet at all. Also please wait a few hours, and try accessing the GMP servers again. If you become convinced that it is only the GMP servers that are inaccessible to you, then your IP address might indeed have been blocked.

If you wish to have a block removed, you need to contact us to have the issue resolved. Please first make sure you have read and understood our security policy.

We block Microsoft's "bingbot" in the firewall since it does not honour the Robots exclusion standard and furthermore performs unlawful file name probing. We're not sure they do that in bad will; it might just as well be really bad programming.