GMP «Arithmetic without limitations» Patches and status for old GMP releases

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Issues with GMP 5.0.5:

Issues with GMP 5.0.4:

Issues with GMP 5.0.3:

Issues with GMP 5.0.2:

Issues with GMP 5.0.1:

Issues with GMP 5.0.0 (see also info about 5.0.1 above):

Issues with GMP 4.3.2:

Issues with GMP 4.3.1 (see also info about 4.3.2 above):

Issues with GMP 4.3.0 (see also info about 4.3.1 above):

Issues with GMP 4.2.4:

Additional issues with GMP 4.2.3:

Additional issues with GMP 4.2.2:

Additional issues with GMP 4.2.1:

Additional issues with GMP 4.2:

Patches to 4.1.4: Patch to 4.1.3: Patches to 4.1.2: Patches to 4.1.1: Patches to 4.1:
Patches to 4.0.1: Patches to 4.0: Patches to GMP 4.0:
Patches to GMP 3.1:
Patches to GMP 3.0.1: Patches to GMP 3.0:
Patches to GMP 2.0.2:

Some GNU/Linux distributions have a buggy ar program that omits many of the files from libgmp.a. As a result libgmp.a becomes useless. The best solution is to get a newer GNU release of binutils, version 2.6 or later. As a workaround, you could also apply this patch to the top-level directory of GMP 2.0.2, if you don't want to upgrade your GNU/Linux tools. The patch was written by Alexander Zimmermann.

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