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_mpz_realloc: Integer Special Functions
__GMP_CC: Useful Macros and Constants
__GMP_CFLAGS: Useful Macros and Constants
__GNU_MP_VERSION: Useful Macros and Constants
__GNU_MP_VERSION_MINOR: Useful Macros and Constants
__GNU_MP_VERSION_PATCHLEVEL: Useful Macros and Constants

abs: C++ Interface Integers
abs: C++ Interface Rationals
abs: C++ Interface Floats

ceil: C++ Interface Floats
cmp: C++ Interface Integers
cmp: C++ Interface Integers
cmp: C++ Interface Rationals
cmp: C++ Interface Rationals
cmp: C++ Interface Floats
cmp: C++ Interface Floats

factorial: C++ Interface Integers
fibonacci: C++ Interface Integers
floor: C++ Interface Floats

gcd: C++ Interface Integers
gmp_asprintf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_errno: Random State Initialization
GMP_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT: Random State Initialization
gmp_fprintf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_fscanf: Formatted Input Functions
GMP_LIMB_BITS: Low-level Functions
GMP_NAIL_BITS: Low-level Functions
GMP_NAIL_MASK: Low-level Functions
GMP_NUMB_BITS: Low-level Functions
GMP_NUMB_MASK: Low-level Functions
GMP_NUMB_MAX: Low-level Functions
gmp_obstack_printf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_obstack_vprintf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_printf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_randclass: C++ Interface Random Numbers
gmp_randclass::get_f: C++ Interface Random Numbers
gmp_randclass::get_f: C++ Interface Random Numbers
gmp_randclass::get_z_bits: C++ Interface Random Numbers
gmp_randclass::get_z_bits: C++ Interface Random Numbers
gmp_randclass::get_z_range: C++ Interface Random Numbers
gmp_randclass::gmp_randclass: C++ Interface Random Numbers
gmp_randclass::gmp_randclass: C++ Interface Random Numbers
gmp_randclass::seed: C++ Interface Random Numbers
gmp_randclass::seed: C++ Interface Random Numbers
gmp_randclear: Random State Initialization
gmp_randinit: Random State Initialization
gmp_randinit_default: Random State Initialization
gmp_randinit_lc_2exp: Random State Initialization
gmp_randinit_lc_2exp_size: Random State Initialization
gmp_randinit_mt: Random State Initialization
gmp_randinit_set: Random State Initialization
gmp_randseed: Random State Seeding
gmp_randseed_ui: Random State Seeding
gmp_randstate_ptr: Nomenclature and Types
gmp_randstate_srcptr: Nomenclature and Types
gmp_randstate_t: Nomenclature and Types
GMP_RAND_ALG_DEFAULT: Random State Initialization
GMP_RAND_ALG_LC: Random State Initialization
gmp_scanf: Formatted Input Functions
gmp_snprintf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_sprintf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_sscanf: Formatted Input Functions
gmp_urandomb_ui: Random State Miscellaneous
gmp_urandomm_ui: Random State Miscellaneous
gmp_vasprintf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_version: Useful Macros and Constants
gmp_vfprintf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_vfscanf: Formatted Input Functions
gmp_vprintf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_vscanf: Formatted Input Functions
gmp_vsnprintf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_vsprintf: Formatted Output Functions
gmp_vsscanf: Formatted Input Functions

hypot: C++ Interface Floats

lcm: C++ Interface Integers

mpf_abs: Float Arithmetic
mpf_add: Float Arithmetic
mpf_add_ui: Float Arithmetic
mpf_ceil: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_class: C++ Interface General
mpf_class::fits_sint_p: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::fits_slong_p: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::fits_sshort_p: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::fits_uint_p: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::fits_ulong_p: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::fits_ushort_p: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::get_d: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::get_mpf_t: C++ Interface General
mpf_class::get_prec: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::get_si: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::get_str: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::get_ui: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::mpf_class: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::mpf_class: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::mpf_class: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::mpf_class: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::mpf_class: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::mpf_class: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::mpf_class: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::mpf_class: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::operator=: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::set_prec: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::set_prec_raw: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::set_str: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::set_str: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_class::swap: C++ Interface Floats
mpf_clear: Initializing Floats
mpf_clears: Initializing Floats
mpf_cmp: Float Comparison
mpf_cmp_d: Float Comparison
mpf_cmp_si: Float Comparison
mpf_cmp_ui: Float Comparison
mpf_cmp_z: Float Comparison
mpf_div: Float Arithmetic
mpf_div_2exp: Float Arithmetic
mpf_div_ui: Float Arithmetic
mpf_eq: Float Comparison
mpf_fits_sint_p: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_fits_slong_p: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_fits_sshort_p: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_fits_uint_p: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_fits_ulong_p: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_fits_ushort_p: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_floor: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_get_d: Converting Floats
mpf_get_default_prec: Initializing Floats
mpf_get_d_2exp: Converting Floats
mpf_get_prec: Initializing Floats
mpf_get_si: Converting Floats
mpf_get_str: Converting Floats
mpf_get_ui: Converting Floats
mpf_init: Initializing Floats
mpf_init2: Initializing Floats
mpf_inits: Initializing Floats
mpf_init_set: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign
mpf_init_set_d: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign
mpf_init_set_si: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign
mpf_init_set_str: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign
mpf_init_set_ui: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign
mpf_inp_str: I/O of Floats
mpf_integer_p: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_mul: Float Arithmetic
mpf_mul_2exp: Float Arithmetic
mpf_mul_ui: Float Arithmetic
mpf_neg: Float Arithmetic
mpf_out_str: I/O of Floats
mpf_pow_ui: Float Arithmetic
mpf_ptr: Nomenclature and Types
mpf_random2: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_reldiff: Float Comparison
mpf_set: Assigning Floats
mpf_set_d: Assigning Floats
mpf_set_default_prec: Initializing Floats
mpf_set_prec: Initializing Floats
mpf_set_prec_raw: Initializing Floats
mpf_set_q: Assigning Floats
mpf_set_si: Assigning Floats
mpf_set_str: Assigning Floats
mpf_set_ui: Assigning Floats
mpf_set_z: Assigning Floats
mpf_sgn: Float Comparison
mpf_sqrt: Float Arithmetic
mpf_sqrt_ui: Float Arithmetic
mpf_srcptr: Nomenclature and Types
mpf_sub: Float Arithmetic
mpf_sub_ui: Float Arithmetic
mpf_swap: Assigning Floats
mpf_t: Nomenclature and Types
mpf_trunc: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpf_ui_div: Float Arithmetic
mpf_ui_sub: Float Arithmetic
mpf_urandomb: Miscellaneous Float Functions
mpn_add: Low-level Functions
mpn_addmul_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_add_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_add_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_andn_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_and_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_cmp: Low-level Functions
mpn_cnd_add_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_cnd_sub_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_cnd_swap: Low-level Functions
mpn_com: Low-level Functions
mpn_copyd: Low-level Functions
mpn_copyi: Low-level Functions
mpn_divexact_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_divexact_by3: Low-level Functions
mpn_divexact_by3c: Low-level Functions
mpn_divmod: Low-level Functions
mpn_divmod_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_divrem: Low-level Functions
mpn_divrem_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_gcd: Low-level Functions
mpn_gcdext: Low-level Functions
mpn_gcd_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_get_str: Low-level Functions
mpn_hamdist: Low-level Functions
mpn_iorn_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_ior_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_lshift: Low-level Functions
mpn_mod_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_mul: Low-level Functions
mpn_mul_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_mul_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_nand_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_neg: Low-level Functions
mpn_nior_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_perfect_square_p: Low-level Functions
mpn_popcount: Low-level Functions
mpn_random: Low-level Functions
mpn_random2: Low-level Functions
mpn_rshift: Low-level Functions
mpn_scan0: Low-level Functions
mpn_scan1: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_add_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_div_qr: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_div_qr_itch: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_div_r: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_div_r_itch: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_invert: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_invert_itch: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_mul: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_mul_itch: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_powm: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_powm_itch: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_sqr: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_sqr_itch: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_sub_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_sec_tabselect: Low-level Functions
mpn_set_str: Low-level Functions
mpn_sizeinbase: Low-level Functions
mpn_sqr: Low-level Functions
mpn_sqrtrem: Low-level Functions
mpn_sub: Low-level Functions
mpn_submul_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_sub_1: Low-level Functions
mpn_sub_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_tdiv_qr: Low-level Functions
mpn_xnor_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_xor_n: Low-level Functions
mpn_zero: Low-level Functions
mpn_zero_p: Low-level Functions
mpq_abs: Rational Arithmetic
mpq_add: Rational Arithmetic
mpq_canonicalize: Rational Number Functions
mpq_class: C++ Interface General
mpq_class::canonicalize: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::get_d: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::get_den: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::get_den_mpz_t: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::get_mpq_t: C++ Interface General
mpq_class::get_num: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::get_num_mpz_t: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::get_str: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::mpq_class: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::mpq_class: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::mpq_class: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::mpq_class: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::mpq_class: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::set_str: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::set_str: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_class::swap: C++ Interface Rationals
mpq_clear: Initializing Rationals
mpq_clears: Initializing Rationals
mpq_cmp: Comparing Rationals
mpq_cmp_si: Comparing Rationals
mpq_cmp_ui: Comparing Rationals
mpq_cmp_z: Comparing Rationals
mpq_denref: Applying Integer Functions
mpq_div: Rational Arithmetic
mpq_div_2exp: Rational Arithmetic
mpq_equal: Comparing Rationals
mpq_get_d: Rational Conversions
mpq_get_den: Applying Integer Functions
mpq_get_num: Applying Integer Functions
mpq_get_str: Rational Conversions
mpq_init: Initializing Rationals
mpq_inits: Initializing Rationals
mpq_inp_str: I/O of Rationals
mpq_inv: Rational Arithmetic
mpq_mul: Rational Arithmetic
mpq_mul_2exp: Rational Arithmetic
mpq_neg: Rational Arithmetic
mpq_numref: Applying Integer Functions
mpq_out_str: I/O of Rationals
mpq_ptr: Nomenclature and Types
mpq_set: Initializing Rationals
mpq_set_d: Rational Conversions
mpq_set_den: Applying Integer Functions
mpq_set_f: Rational Conversions
mpq_set_num: Applying Integer Functions
mpq_set_si: Initializing Rationals
mpq_set_str: Initializing Rationals
mpq_set_ui: Initializing Rationals
mpq_set_z: Initializing Rationals
mpq_sgn: Comparing Rationals
mpq_srcptr: Nomenclature and Types
mpq_sub: Rational Arithmetic
mpq_swap: Initializing Rationals
mpq_t: Nomenclature and Types
mpz_2fac_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_abs: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_add: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_addmul: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_addmul_ui: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_add_ui: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_and: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_array_init: Integer Special Functions
mpz_bin_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_bin_uiui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_cdiv_q: Integer Division
mpz_cdiv_qr: Integer Division
mpz_cdiv_qr_ui: Integer Division
mpz_cdiv_q_2exp: Integer Division
mpz_cdiv_q_ui: Integer Division
mpz_cdiv_r: Integer Division
mpz_cdiv_r_2exp: Integer Division
mpz_cdiv_r_ui: Integer Division
mpz_cdiv_ui: Integer Division
mpz_class: C++ Interface General
mpz_class::factorial: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::fibonacci: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::fits_sint_p: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::fits_slong_p: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::fits_sshort_p: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::fits_uint_p: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::fits_ulong_p: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::fits_ushort_p: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::get_d: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::get_mpz_t: C++ Interface General
mpz_class::get_si: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::get_str: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::get_ui: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::mpz_class: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::mpz_class: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::mpz_class: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::mpz_class: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::primorial: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::set_str: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::set_str: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_class::swap: C++ Interface Integers
mpz_clear: Initializing Integers
mpz_clears: Initializing Integers
mpz_clrbit: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_cmp: Integer Comparisons
mpz_cmpabs: Integer Comparisons
mpz_cmpabs_d: Integer Comparisons
mpz_cmpabs_ui: Integer Comparisons
mpz_cmp_d: Integer Comparisons
mpz_cmp_si: Integer Comparisons
mpz_cmp_ui: Integer Comparisons
mpz_com: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_combit: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_congruent_2exp_p: Integer Division
mpz_congruent_p: Integer Division
mpz_congruent_ui_p: Integer Division
mpz_divexact: Integer Division
mpz_divexact_ui: Integer Division
mpz_divisible_2exp_p: Integer Division
mpz_divisible_p: Integer Division
mpz_divisible_ui_p: Integer Division
mpz_even_p: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
mpz_export: Integer Import and Export
mpz_fac_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_fdiv_q: Integer Division
mpz_fdiv_qr: Integer Division
mpz_fdiv_qr_ui: Integer Division
mpz_fdiv_q_2exp: Integer Division
mpz_fdiv_q_ui: Integer Division
mpz_fdiv_r: Integer Division
mpz_fdiv_r_2exp: Integer Division
mpz_fdiv_r_ui: Integer Division
mpz_fdiv_ui: Integer Division
mpz_fib2_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_fib_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_fits_sint_p: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
mpz_fits_slong_p: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
mpz_fits_sshort_p: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
mpz_fits_uint_p: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
mpz_fits_ulong_p: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
mpz_fits_ushort_p: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
mpz_gcd: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_gcdext: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_gcd_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_getlimbn: Integer Special Functions
mpz_get_d: Converting Integers
mpz_get_d_2exp: Converting Integers
mpz_get_si: Converting Integers
mpz_get_str: Converting Integers
mpz_get_ui: Converting Integers
mpz_hamdist: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_import: Integer Import and Export
mpz_init: Initializing Integers
mpz_init2: Initializing Integers
mpz_inits: Initializing Integers
mpz_init_set: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign
mpz_init_set_d: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign
mpz_init_set_si: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign
mpz_init_set_str: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign
mpz_init_set_ui: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign
mpz_inp_raw: I/O of Integers
mpz_inp_str: I/O of Integers
mpz_invert: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_ior: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_jacobi: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_kronecker: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_kronecker_si: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_kronecker_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_lcm: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_lcm_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_legendre: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_limbs_finish: Integer Special Functions
mpz_limbs_modify: Integer Special Functions
mpz_limbs_read: Integer Special Functions
mpz_limbs_write: Integer Special Functions
mpz_lucnum2_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_lucnum_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_mfac_uiui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_mod: Integer Division
mpz_mod_ui: Integer Division
mpz_mul: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_mul_2exp: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_mul_si: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_mul_ui: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_neg: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_nextprime: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_odd_p: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
mpz_out_raw: I/O of Integers
mpz_out_str: I/O of Integers
mpz_perfect_power_p: Integer Roots
mpz_perfect_square_p: Integer Roots
mpz_popcount: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_powm: Integer Exponentiation
mpz_powm_sec: Integer Exponentiation
mpz_powm_ui: Integer Exponentiation
mpz_pow_ui: Integer Exponentiation
mpz_prevprime: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_primorial_ui: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_probab_prime_p: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_ptr: Nomenclature and Types
mpz_random: Integer Random Numbers
mpz_random2: Integer Random Numbers
mpz_realloc2: Initializing Integers
mpz_remove: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_roinit_n: Integer Special Functions
MPZ_ROINIT_N: Integer Special Functions
mpz_root: Integer Roots
mpz_rootrem: Integer Roots
mpz_rrandomb: Integer Random Numbers
mpz_scan0: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_scan1: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_set: Assigning Integers
mpz_setbit: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_set_d: Assigning Integers
mpz_set_f: Assigning Integers
mpz_set_q: Assigning Integers
mpz_set_si: Assigning Integers
mpz_set_str: Assigning Integers
mpz_set_ui: Assigning Integers
mpz_sgn: Integer Comparisons
mpz_size: Integer Special Functions
mpz_sizeinbase: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
mpz_si_kronecker: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_sqrt: Integer Roots
mpz_sqrtrem: Integer Roots
mpz_srcptr: Nomenclature and Types
mpz_sub: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_submul: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_submul_ui: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_sub_ui: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_swap: Assigning Integers
mpz_t: Nomenclature and Types
mpz_tdiv_q: Integer Division
mpz_tdiv_qr: Integer Division
mpz_tdiv_qr_ui: Integer Division
mpz_tdiv_q_2exp: Integer Division
mpz_tdiv_q_ui: Integer Division
mpz_tdiv_r: Integer Division
mpz_tdiv_r_2exp: Integer Division
mpz_tdiv_r_ui: Integer Division
mpz_tdiv_ui: Integer Division
mpz_tstbit: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mpz_ui_kronecker: Number Theoretic Functions
mpz_ui_pow_ui: Integer Exponentiation
mpz_ui_sub: Integer Arithmetic
mpz_urandomb: Integer Random Numbers
mpz_urandomm: Integer Random Numbers
mpz_xor: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
mp_bitcnt_t: Nomenclature and Types
mp_bits_per_limb: Useful Macros and Constants
mp_exp_t: Nomenclature and Types
mp_get_memory_functions: Custom Allocation
mp_limb_t: Nomenclature and Types
mp_set_memory_functions: Custom Allocation
mp_size_t: Nomenclature and Types

operator"": C++ Interface Integers
operator"": C++ Interface Rationals
operator"": C++ Interface Floats
operator%: C++ Interface Integers
operator/: C++ Interface Integers
operator<<: C++ Formatted Output
operator<<: C++ Formatted Output
operator<<: C++ Formatted Output
operator>>: C++ Formatted Input
operator>>: C++ Formatted Input
operator>>: C++ Formatted Input
operator>>: C++ Interface Rationals

primorial: C++ Interface Integers

sgn: C++ Interface Integers
sgn: C++ Interface Rationals
sgn: C++ Interface Floats
sqrt: C++ Interface Integers
sqrt: C++ Interface Floats
swap: C++ Interface Integers
swap: C++ Interface Rationals
swap: C++ Interface Floats

trunc: C++ Interface Floats