Does 6.3.0 still use x18 in arm64 code?

Jay Freeman jay_reynolds_freeman at
Tue Oct 17 11:36:42 CEST 2023

I must respectfully beg your pardon and request clarification. I am contemplating adding bignum capabilities to an existing MacOS application (an R5 Scheme implementation, Wraith Scheme, which I wrote and maintain). It looks like it will require considerable time and effort sufficiently to master GMP to implement Scheme bignums using it, and because of the previous discussion concerning register x18, I have thus far avoided taking the plunge. Therefore I asked a yes/no question about whether it was reasonable for me to proceed. I suspect that Torbjörn's answer makes perfect sense to people already at least somewhat familiar with GMP, which -- alas -- I am not: Would someone please provide an answer simple enough for me to decide whether now is the time for me to join their ranks?

Thank you, and sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

--  Jay Reynolds Freeman
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