Implementing mpz_addmul_2exp based on mpn_addlsh_n

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Mon Jan 31 00:18:55 CET 2022

Albin Ahlbäck <albin.ahlback at> writes:

  I noticed that there are undocumented functions mpn_addlsh_n and
  mpn_rsblsh_n in GMP, and I was wondering if there is any possibilities 
  to add corresponding mpz functions in the lines of:

  	mpz_addmul_2exp(mpz_t rop, const mpz_t op1, mp_bitcnt_t op2)

  	Set rop to rop + op1 times 2 raised to op2.

  Would this be possible? If not, would it be possible to document and
  "uncover" these functions so that one can utilize these mpn functions 
  with confidence?

These functions are optional and used internally only if available.
Since they might not be in every GMP build they cannot be made

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