question on running make check when debugging option is turned on

American Citizen website.reader3 at
Mon Aug 1 21:12:35 CEST 2022


Following the guide, I turned on complete debugging for gmp v6.2.1 and 
ran "configure" and "make" with no errors.

page 25 states:

> Maximum Debuggability
> To summarize the above, a GMP build for maximum debuggability would be
> ./configure --disable-shared --enable-assert \
> --enable-alloca=debug --disable-assembly CFLAGS=-g
> For C++, add ‘--enable-cxx CXXFLAGS=-g’.

However when I run "make check", then over 250 lines of errors come up 
and the compile fails.

Is this a limitation that "make check" cannot have debug turned on?


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