_mp_alloc to long int

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The following report shows how to extend the number of mpz_t(and mpf_t) to 2 ^ 63-1 lims.
Please also refer to this.

The report:

Expand gmp number and I calculated pi 121 billion digits(2021/4 gmp-discus Archive)

Susumu Tsukamoto

From: "Roman Savelyev" <rsavelyev at wlu.ca> 

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Sent: Friday, July 29, 2022 12:12:18 PM
Subject: _mp_alloc to long int 

> A project I am working on, requires more than 2^37 limbs, more than a 64 bit system would allow,

> if mp_alloc is set to int.

> When I manually change it to long int,recompile and run,

> I get a segmentation fault, particularly in mpz_set_ui through gmpxx.
> Would you be willing to shine a light on what needs to change within the program to make it possible to make this change?

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