usage of mpz_mul function for squaring

Paul Zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at
Tue Nov 30 08:39:29 UTC 2021

       Dear Gasper,

> The other question I have is about the speed of squaring a N limb operand
> compared to multiplying two different N limb operands. In the Basecase
> Multiplication section of Manual it is stated that squaring is about 1.5x
> faster than multiplying. I'm assuming squaring is also faster than
> multiplication when other algorithms are used (Karatsuba, Toom, FFT, ...)
> since they rely on basecase multiplication and also use a different
> calculation procedure for squaring. Is my assumption correct?

this is discussed in Section 1.3.6 of "Modern Computer Arithmetic",
including the mention of "asymmetric squaring".

Best regards,
Paul Zimmermann

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