I have a problem using GMP (floating point, etc.)

Torbjörn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Mon Sep 7 09:39:52 UTC 2020

The Undertaker <hui_buh666 at yahoo.de> writes:

  1.) Is it possible to use cin and cout? And how I do that? Because I
  want to give input and not compile it again, after I have a result and
  calc the next thing.

I don't understand this question.

Are you asking of you can provide mpf_set_str data which is read through
std::cin instead of from constants?  That's a very basic programming
question, and this is not the right place for teaching basic

  2.) How do I use the other inits and sets? I have the problem it says
  failed to convert to ...


  3.) My result is: 0.114285714...e1    I want it 1.1428...(with 150
  digits) How I do that?

You need to compute things to the precision wanted.  Computing to a low
precision and then try to print 150 digits will not magically make the
computation yield more precision.

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