Contributing to GMP

Michele Guerini Rocco rnhmjoj at
Mon Feb 17 13:29:05 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

I have written, as an exercise, a program to compute the Euler-Mascheroni
constant (γ) to arbitrary precision using GMP. It's not meant to beat
existing programs (like y-cruncher) or anything like it, but it works.
Anyway, I had to compute the natural logarithm of a natural number to
arbitrary precision, so I wrote a `mpq_log_ui` function to do that,
something which GMP doesn't provide.

Since this function could be useful in general, for more pratical
purposes that computing a constant, I thought about contributing it
back. I'm a layman in numerical analysis and I'm not sure the
implementation it's up to the GMP standards but I can work on it.
So how can I contribute to GMP?
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