GMP used during 3 and a half years to solve MIT's LCS35

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Thu May 9 07:59:32 UTC 2019

Bernard Fabrot <bfabrot at> writes:

  Thanks a lot: that is very interesting, I cannot wait!

Results from Pentium 3, 800MHz.  That CPU was released late 1999 and was
then "state of the art".

GMP 2.0.2: 6460/6352
GMP 6.1.2: 2391/2278

We haven't done uch in the way of improving GMP for 32-bit x86 in the
last 10 years.  If an effort were made, I guesstimate that GMP could run
25% faster on these old CPUs.

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