GMP used during 3 and a half years to solve MIT's LCS35

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Thu May 2 19:30:38 UTC 2019

Bernard Fabrot <bfabrot at> writes:

  Do any of you have any idea how I could relatively easily find how many
  modular exponentiation GMP was capable of in 1999 on top of the line
  consumer hardware back then?  The problem was calibrated with 3000
  squarings and modulo per second back then with n being a 616 digits / 2048
  bits number.

If you write a small benchmark program, I'll run it on a Pentium 3
system bought in 2000.  But the CPU in this computer was sold from
December 2009 (according to Wikipedia).

Then I'll compile GMP 4.3 and link with your program.

Please encrypt, key id 0xC8601622

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