GNU MPFR 4.0.2 Release Candidate 2

Vincent Lefevre vincent at
Mon Jan 28 01:37:25 UTC 2019

The release of GNU MPFR 4.0.2 ("dinde aux marrons", patch level 2)
is imminent. Please help to make this release as good as possible
by downloading and testing this release candidate:

The SHA1 digests:
99f3a07e2de84aa171b6f6c798607525fd963cac  mpfr-4.0.2-rc2.tar.bz2
363bcb341a6e042fc0e5ae4b4b78bdbc3826274a  mpfr-4.0.2-rc2.tar.gz
1b6c6d258879fd6f2880e7f4f2be6348cccd4cc7  mpfr-4.0.2-rc2.tar.xz

The SHA256 digests:
25fc8d93e4625f10fe13d1e3b968a72306f7c75217d28e69647400490094d877  mpfr-4.0.2-rc2.tar.bz2
f4d1e0416bd8566c29aa9adfdfdd35b09b9f047485c15e5f5b107a1a047d5027  mpfr-4.0.2-rc2.tar.gz
707f8c14d892d71668aebb269ffffa63efaec387630cc8c6db4e27e4948af021  mpfr-4.0.2-rc2.tar.xz

The signatures:

Each tarball is signed by Vincent Lefèvre. This can be verified using
the DSA key ID 980C197698C3739D; this key can be retrieved with:

  gpg --recv-keys 980C197698C3739D

or by downloading it from <>.
The key fingerprint is:

  07F3 DBBE CC1A 3960 5078  094D 980C 1976 98C3 739D

The signatures can be verified with: gpg --verify <file.asc>
You should check that the key fingerprint matches.

Changes from version 4.0.1 to version 4.0.2:
- Corrected minimal GMP version in the INSTALL file and the MPFR manual.
- Shared caches: cleanup; really detect lock failures (abort in this case).
- Improved MPFR manual. In particular, corrected/completed the
  mpfr_get_str description in order to follow the historical behavior
  and GMP's mpf_get_str function.
- Bug fixes (see ChangeLog file).

Please send success and failure reports with "./config.guess" output
to <mpfr at>.

If no problems are found, GNU MPFR 4.0.2 should be released
around 2019-01-31.


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