offer to help update building gmp-6.1 from repository source code

Vincent Randal vtrandal at
Fri Aug 16 22:22:55 UTC 2019

Hello and many thanks the person or persons who made/make GMP a reality and
freely available on the Internet. Thank you for your hard work. It is a
privilege to download and build gmp-6.1 from source code. Thank you!

I am struggling getting started to build gmp-6.1 from its repository source
code. I would like to contribute my recent experience building gmp-6.1
beginning with the instructions that I found here:

*"Once you have your own repository, you need to generate some build files.
Perhaps the script .bootstrap works out-of-the box; if it doesn't, you need
to install automake (at least version 1.11.6) and autoconf (at least
version 2.59) and then try .bootstrap again. You may safely ignore the 4
lines of warnings from libtoolize. *

* Do not use autoreconf; it will overwrite config.guess which in turn will
cause any builds to be awful."*
I am new to GMP but I am relatively new to building programs from their
repository source code. I have downloaded and built gmp-6.1 from its
repository source code using the instructions found at the link above. I
started by running the .bootstrap file which runs autoreconf against the
advice of the build instructions.

If my tests are successful I will reply with exactly how I downloaded and
built gmp-6.1 as a kind gesture in return for all of the hard work that has
already been put into GMP. In the meantime perhaps someone else has already
updated the instructions for getting started building gmp-6.1 from its
repository source code but I cannot find those instructions.


Vincent Randal
Longmont, Colorado

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