Adrien Prost-Boucle adrien.prost-boucle at
Tue Sep 25 13:51:47 UTC 2018

Hi Mike, Jan,

> I write crypto code that uses big number libraries and would like to adopt
> GMP but cannot because it was GPL and is now LGPL. While LGPL is less of a
> problem, its limits adoption for what we want to use it for.

Choice of license is a headache for many people, including me.
I'm very interested in understanding the reasons why LGPL would be a "limit" for your needs.
Do you intend to modify GMP and not share ? Or do you need that your users can do that ?

Same question for Jan :

> Although you can compile the system without
> GMP and not all users need unbounded arithmetic this is enough of a
> burden that made me look into alternatives.

What interpretation of the license makes it a problem to consider compiling any software with GMP ?

I believe such explanation would also be of great interest for other people.

> We are not looking to
> steal or screw over the GMP project authors. Its the Linux Foundation.

But others may behave differently, as Torbjörn mentioned.


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