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This is not based on theoratical caluclations, rather on experimental try and error. I ran both on ubuntu on an Intel i5, and did 750000 squares. At last mlucas did it in 10 min while gmp did it in 25 min.

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  I have cloned the repo and tested it myself already. There is a 3%
  speed increase when compared to GMP 6.1.2.

How did you measure the 3% improvement?  For one operand size pair, or
for a range?

A 3% speed increase will hardly defend a code replacement.  Niels' small
primes code beats GMP's multiplication code by a large factor for huge

  However, the main problem is that the FFT multiplication time
  increases exponentially with size, while in the mlucas ( check here:
  http://www.mersenneforum.org/mayer/README.html ), the time increases

This seems to be wrong.

1. FFT does not run on exponential time, it in fact runs in near-linear
   time.  It needs O(m log m) coefficient operations, where m <= n, the
   input operand size.

2. I believe mlucas uses FFT for its multiplication.

3. Nobody has published a multiplication algorithm which runs in time

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