is gcd missing from gmpxx.h? no, but the include file never got installed

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Wed Mar 29 00:54:10 UTC 2017

Is the gcd() function missing from the C++ code question -

This is a follow up

I just downloaded the last Dec 16, 2016 version of gmp 6.1.2 which is 
the same version which I had previously installed. I installed this 
package and also took the careful pain to remove the gmp.h and gmpxx.h 
files in the /usr/include area, because the install package wants to put 
these into /usr/local/include instead.

I did ./configure, then "make" and then "make check" then finally "make 
install" as root privileges.

I looked in the whole /usr area and NO gmpxx.h file was found, however 
the gmp.h file was in the /usr/local/include as expected.

I then copied using the root install command, the missing gmpxx.h file 
into the /usr/local/include area and then tested the C++ gcd command and 
this time the program compiled successfully.

Someone need to add a missing line to the installer, as it apparently 
overlooked the gmpxx.h file

- Randall

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