GMP (incorrectly used) gives wrong (i.e. unexpected) results

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Sat Apr 1 05:55:51 UTC 2017


Il Ven, 31 Marzo 2017 3:46 pm, V. Nicolai Friedhoff ha scritto:
> To
> fix this and get proper results for even higher x, one has to apply higher
> precision in Mathematica. But in the end I need that calculation in C++,

You mean that "precision" is the keyword. You are right.

Did you analyse which precision is needed depending on x? For every
intermediate value of your algorithm to give the result with the precision
you want?

After this analysis, you can read the manual of the library you prefer (we
suggest MPFR or GMP) and set the required precision for every variable in
you program.



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