create DLL with GMP routines for Windows (Excel)

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Mon Feb 15 08:24:58 UTC 2016

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  My goal is to create a DLL using GMP routines that can be called from
  Excel.  I'm using minGW and gcc (C) with Code Blocks IDE.  I can
  successfully create a DLL (using __stdcall and .def file) that can be
  called from Excel.  I can also successfully create a console
  application that uses GMP routines (using linker option -lgmp).  Where
  I have a problem is trying to create a DLL for Excel that includes GMP
  routines.  The DLL gets created with no error but for some reason,
  none of the functions appear to be exported to the DLL - I get a
  'Runtime error 53, File not found' error in Excel when trying to use
  any of the DLL functions, even if the functions don't call GMP
  routines.  The error suggests the DLL can't be found.  If I comment
  out any function calling GMP routines and re-create the DLL,
  everything works fine in Excel.
  Any suggestions as to what I'm not doing correctly?  Thanks

I don't think you'll find many Windows experts around here.  Besides,
this is a list for discussions about GMP, not Windows Excel linking

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