Proper Procedure for building GMP on Windows/Cygwin

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Subject: Proper Procedure for building GMP on Windows/Cygwin

> Please let me know the proper procedure to build GMP from source on 
> windows/Cygwin.

For me, the instructions given at work fine on 

That is, I ran simply:

followed by:
make && make

and all went well with gmp-6.0.0 (gmp-6.0.0a.tar.bz2).

My Cygwin is:
$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW Owner-PC311012 2.0.4(0.287/5/3) 2015-06-09 12:20 i686 

Someone suggested earlier that your problem is caused by an intrusive 
antivirus program.
I don't know whether that could be correct, but I do know that I have *no* 
intrusive antivirus program - so maybe that's worth checking.
(I do have antivirus detection that I can fire up at any time - but it 
doesn't watch what I do, and it doesn't intervene uninvited.)

I've attached my config.log in case it provides something helpful to you.


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