mpx_set_str2(mpx_t, const char*, const char*, int) suggestion

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Sun Nov 29 06:26:13 UTC 2015


Il Ven, 27 Novembre 2015 8:53 pm, Pierre Chatelier ha scritto:
> Currently the various mpx structures (mpz_t, mpq_t, mpf_t) have an

> For the sake of performance, I suggest a new prototype
> mpx_set_str2(mpx_t r, const char *start, const char* end, int base)
> (where [start;end[ is the string to consider)

The prototype of the underlying mpn function is
mp_size_t mpn_set_str (mp_limb_t *rp, const unsigned char *str, size_t
strsize, int base)

If you use start:end, you need to explain: *end is included or not?

> For me, the interest is :

> 	-It saves a call to strlen() in the current implementation
> 	-users of gmplib do not need to create intermediate strings with
> 	'\0' terminator when parsing substring from complex input data

>From mpq/set_str.c:
/* FIXME: Would like an mpz_set_mem (or similar) accepting a pointer and
   length so we wouldn't have to copy the numerator just to null-terminate
   it.  */



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