Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Fri Nov 13 17:27:42 UTC 2015

Ciao Paul,

Il Ven, 13 Novembre 2015 2:03 pm, paul zimmermann ha scritto:
> I agree there are several questions to answer, I did only answer your
> question "Suggestions for the interface?"...

Right :-)

Then I'll ask you something about your suggestions.

Why do you suggest the mpz_ prefix?
In your interface I see a single way to set a starting point:
"mpz_prime_init_ui (p, 17); /* initializes p to 17 */" ; and it takes an
It will be hard to reach the mpz range starting from an ui...
If we do not reach the mpz range, handling "unsigned long"s or
"mp_limb_t"s will be much faster!

You are proposing to focus on primes, completely hiding the sieving
ranges, right?
Then, what's the meaning of the _ui given with the _init command?

Do you suggest to only allow sequential (and increasing-only) access to
the "list" of primes?

Best regards,


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