Handling big exponents, what library?

Jürgen Hochwald jh at cfjh.de
Sat Jun 27 16:36:38 UTC 2015


I'm looking for a lib, that can handle big exponents. I need it for the
calculation of a fractal deepzoom.

The problem is, that the extended datatype of the FPU ends at 1.0E4930 (
or so).  I need to handle 1.0E8000 (for example). The digits of the
mantissa are enouth.

My toughts are the following:
- Because speed is important I'm thinking of some self written stuff
using record with extended and an integer, where the integer extends the
exponent range. Thes needs extra checks after each calculation for
Exists there some ready to use () ?

- Using the GMP with small matissa (128 bits or so)

What library can I use here ?


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