How store libGMP bigint&-ratnum:s within a parent Garbage Collected environment with movable objects so that libGMP values must be absent of any absolute pointers whatsoever?

Marc Glisse marc.glisse at
Sat Feb 28 11:52:34 UTC 2015

On Sat, 28 Feb 2015, Tinker wrote:

> I have a GC:ed heap wherein I want to store my libGMP bigint&-ratnum:s. This 
> means that I provide the memory allocator, and also it means that libGMP must 
> store one bigint/bigratnum as one single solid byte array only, i.e. one such 
> value cannot be split up in more memory allocations, because between libGMP 
> calls my GC changes memory location of heap objects frequently, and therefore 
> the values may utilize no absolute memory pointers.

Your email is not very clear. How do you reference your array, if not 
through a pointer? Or does your GC go through memory and change all the 
pointers when it moves an array? Note that GMP already stores integers 
in a continuous memory block (a rational is a pair of integers).

Using mp_set_memory_functions and the mpn layer should be safe, but 
without more info I have no idea if you could use mpz/mpq.

> How do I use libGMP in this way?
> As I see it it's extremely important that libGMP supports this, because this 
> is the only way that a garbage collected environment.
> (Methods with static memory addresses for values would risk memory 
> fragmentation, and not being exposed to that risk is the exact reason I use a 
> GC.)

Marc Glisse

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