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Mon Sep 15 20:12:17 UTC 2014

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  I would like to suggest adding the common math functions to the GMP
  library: sin, cos etc.--the buttons on a pocket calculator. These
  might be needed for special calculations.
We will very likely not work in this direction since we really don't
think new development using mpf should happen.  We urge people to use
mpfr instead.

  Sometimes it is necessary to compute with numbers which exceed the
  size of available RAM, such as computing pi to many digits. More RAM
  is very expensive. It would be nice to store some of the numbers on
  the hard drive(s), i.e., use the disk(s) as virtual memory. Because
  accessing the disk through the C++ functions and the kernel might be
  very slow, it might be best to purchase additional disk(s), and to
  program them directly in assembly language, bypassing the kernel. This
  can expand the size of numbers by at least 100X.
I am not sure what programming disks directly in assembly means.  If you
suggest that we add disk device driverd in GMP with the hope that we'll
beat the OS kernel, then I can assure you that we will not go down this

  Let's dream big! How about complex numbers and matrixes!
Please see the mpc extension library for complex numbers arithmetic.

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