GMP compilation issue

Dharmik Brahmbhatt Dharmik.Brahmbhatt at
Tue May 27 09:44:11 UTC 2014

Hey, thanks for reply I am working on windows to install GMP I would require another application MSYS to run unix command (configure) and that I am not allowed to use. What I what is just compile my code successfully that Invokes any GMP API. And That's my project need. So Can I achieve it by digging through the code of that perticaluar API without installing GMP lib  ??


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On Tue, 27 May 2014, Dharmik Brahmbhatt wrote:

> Hello, I am new to GMP and I am working on windows having installed 
> MinGW in my system. I am trying to compile printf.c that requires two 
> headerfiles gmp.h and gmp-impl.h. The problem is I can't find gmp.h in 
> that extracted gmp folder. So what should I do? Is there something I 
> am missing ?

Why are you doing that? The package manager that comes with mingw should allow you to install gmp easily, and if you have to do it yourself from source, you should just follow

Marc Glisse

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