mpz_get_d() with rounding

Torbjörn Granlund tg at
Thu May 22 09:30:07 UTC 2014

Jeroen Demeyer <jdemeyer at> writes:

  The function mpz_get_d() rounds towards zero. This is incompatible
  with the usual floating-point semantics of rounding to nearest. In C
  on my machine for example, a conversion from unsigned long to double
  rounds to nearest. Would you agree with adding additional functions
  (or one function with an MPFR-style rounding flag) for other rounding
I am not sure this would be very useful.  Such a function would only
work slightly different for integers t such that 2^53 < |t| <= 2^1023.
ALso, I expect this to be tricky to implement in a portable and correct

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