portable method to zeroize memory when destroying a mpz number

Vicente Benjumea vicente at lcc.uma.es
Thu Mar 20 13:42:11 UTC 2014


when implementing public key cryptography algorithms, it would be nice
to have a portable method to zeroize (reset to zero) the memory that
holds the big-number bits before being destroyed, specially for private

For example, something similar to:

mpz_clear_zeroize (mpz_ptr m)
  if (PTR (m) != NULL) {
    memset(PTR (m), 0, ALLOC (m) * BYTES_PER_MP_LIMB);
  (*__gmp_free_func) (PTR (m), ALLOC (m) * BYTES_PER_MP_LIMB);
  ALLOC (m) = 0;
  PTR (m) = 0;
  SIZ (m) = 0;

if this method appears in the public interface of GMP (mpz), then it can
be safely used even if the current internal implementation changes.

Thank you very much

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