Problem in build

Patrick Pelissier patrick.pelissier at
Sun Jun 8 10:05:51 UTC 2014

Despite your attempts to fix this issue, you still don't have a **working**
compiler. GCC is a complex piece of software which can't be moved easily.

Run the setup.exe which you used to install cygwin, and when there is the
selection screen of the packages, choose to install gcc (and m4), or even
easier, select and install all packages of cygwin.

  Patrick Pélissier

On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 4:07 AM, Joseph Schoonmaker <
josephmschoonmaker at> wrote:

> GMP 6.0.0
> Windows 7 64bit
> When I run "./configure" , cygwin reports
> "configure: error: could not find a working compiler"
> even when I move gcc ( and related .dll s etc ) into the same folder as GMP
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