6.0.0 crash at high precision mul?

Viktor Kletzhändler vkletzhaendler at swissonline.ch
Fri Jun 6 09:01:44 UTC 2014

Thanks for the tips.

No more crashes when using --enable-alloca=malloc-reentrant. Problem solved.

The program uses GCD to run tasks on separate threads. The stack size can't be increased as far as I know because the system handles all thread management.

Performance is not a problem. The binaries of 6.0.0 default config and --disable-fft are the same size, and there's hardly any difference in my timing test. Actually, the builds are really fast. The mpfr_sin(2) test takes about 17.4 secs at 10,000,000 bits. mpfr_pi() returns after about 5.2 secs at 10,000,000 bits. Details are in the attachment.


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