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Il Lun, 6 Gennaio 2014 7:16 pm, נדב שביט ha scritto:
> Hello, I�m writing a program on Xcode using C and I�m working on a
mac how
> should I download and install gmp

If you are not sending bug reports for the library, please don't use the
gmp-bug mailing list. gmp-discuss is more appropriate to share user

There is a page with some of the common problems that arise when using
Xcode to compile the GMP library: .

By the way, if you need to ask: "How to download and install (from source)
a library", I'd suggest to write to a forum devoted to the operative
system you use.

> (When I�m trying to open the file it receiving an error message (attached
> to the mail

You should install at least a program to handle compressed archives...
Maybe 7-zip can help you?

> I need to do some math with the int that I will make (probably 18,000,000
> digits) is it possible

18000000 (decimal) digits are less than 2^26 bits... yes, they fit
comfortably in the integer types of GMP.

Good luck,


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