Fwd: Not a bug report, but a possible severe LGPL violation of GMP

Voulnet voulnet at gmail.com
Wed May 1 18:34:12 CEST 2013


I am not reporting a bug but rather a severe violation of GMP LGPL license.

A spying company named Gamma sells a surveillance trojan named
FinFisher. It has been used against activists and dissidents around
the world to spy on every aspect of their life.

An organization named CitizenLab analyzed samples of the FinFisher
trojan and reported the findings in the link below.

The full story is here: https://citizenlab.org/2013/04/for-their-eyes-only-2/

The PDF report of the findings is

Interestingly the report mentions that FinFisher uses GMP, obviously
while violating its code. If you open the PDF file and grep for GNU
you will go straight to that section.

I believe you folks can help greatly in fighting this FinFisher trojan
through licensing avenues of the LGPL, and you folks are not alone,
Mozilla is doing that too:

There are many groups fighting against Gamma and FinFisher, and this
LGPL violation can help a lot, the world would appreciate GMP's
support against this globally deployed oppressive tool.

If you find it in your heart that you wish to help fight oppression
through free software, I would recommend contacting the Free Software
Foundation and Citizen Lab for better coordination.

Thank you very much!

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