AW: use gmp on microcontroller freescale coldfire

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Thanks for your statement. 

@ Torbjörn: So if i understand you right, GMP need some c-libs, which also have to run/compiled  on/for the embedded CPU.

I am from the small microcontroller world, running without OS normally. GMP is written  to use it with OS on  a PC or so, is this right ? 
So may I have to adapt things in GMP lib,  ( publish it ), and then use it  in our project. 

Ok, another way is to find a lib  handling with big integers and that is still designed for embedded CPUs. 
==> So if anyone remembers such a (competitive) lib, please post it !

best regards and a nice weekend.


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Drößler Tobias <Droessler.Tobias at> writes:

  So I ask me if it is possible to use your lib on such a device, may
  someone have experience that way ?  How can I check if its working?

Read the GMP manual on how to compile GMP.  I believe you'll find a section on cross compiling there too, which might be relevant here.

GMP requires certain C lib support, soa "freestanding" C will not work so easily.


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