use gmp on microcontroller freescale coldfire

Drößler Tobias Droessler.Tobias at
Thu Jun 20 15:31:23 CEST 2013

Hello gmp-friends, 

i want to evaluate if it is possible to use your gmp lib on a freescale microcontroller  "coldfire" used in an embedded platform.
Its derivated from Motorola 68000, 32 bit machine, but RISC   ==> 

We need it for checking elliptic curve digital signatures  ( so only integer arithmetic /mpz ) ...  as background information. 
We have only static RAM but a heap and malloc/free functions.

So I ask me if it is possible to use your lib on such a device, may someone have experience that way ? 
How can I check if its working?  Or do you think more like this: "no way to get this work" ?
May someone has an alternative to calculate with such big numbers on an embedded cpu. 
Thanks for your attention.
nice regards 


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