Request help with compilation problem - second request

bodrato at bodrato at
Sat Feb 9 11:49:31 CET 2013


Il Sab, 9 Febbraio 2013 10:07 am, David Bower ha scritto:

> -- This is an extremely frustrating problem.  Any help would be
> appreciated.

I suggest you to invest your own time to read instructions. It will help
you and it will not be frustrating for the readers of this list.

You can start from the GMP manual:
in particular

Then please read the manual of the compiler (if it doesn't find a library,
maybe you need to suggest it where to search), and the manual of the
system you are using (if you compile for dynamic-linking, the linker will
have to search for the library too...).

> and compile with "g++ -lgmpxx -lgmp ../arbitraryPrecisionArithmetic_1.cpp"
> 4.  Instead I get the following error:  ld: library not found for -lgmpxx

Maybe "-I. -L.libs/" can help...
...but you have to read the manual of "g++" to know the correct order of
parameters for your system.


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