Help with some mpn function to package flint using gmp instead of mpir

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade at
Fri Aug 2 02:58:19 CEST 2013

2013/7/31 Fredrik Johansson <fredrik.johansson at>:
> Hi Paulo,

  Hi Fredrik,

> The next release of flint (2.4) will support gmp out of the box. The
> git version of flint already does this.

  Great news :-)

  You may have interest in my new prototype flint rpm package.
At first I am not calling it flint2 because it would conflict with
the existing flint package (and require quite some bureaucracy
to get added to Fedora), and, only sagemath uses flint in Fedora
or OpenMandriva (where I am backporting my Fedora contributions).

Full source rpm:

Just spec file:

Build log:

  Using today's checkout of flint master, major issues:
o There are still plenty of harcoded #include "mpir.h"
o Some includes are "dangerous", e.g. include "config.h"
  from flint.h, so I patched most of it to include <flint/foo.h>
o I made some type casts because otherwise would need
  to add -fpermissive to anything including flint.h and
  building c++ code, i.e. for flint itself would be easy,
  but adding it to sagemath build should not be necessary.

  I am right now finishing a sagemath-5.10 build using
the "prototype":

$ rpm -qa | grep flint


> Best regards,
> Fredrik


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