GMP's Speed

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Fri Mar 9 11:12:00 CET 2012

"Chris Osborne" <chris.osborne at> writes:

  All of my numbers are in the class mpz and I am only using mpz
  functions with them (so precision is not counted). As I use very few
  functions, i could possibly just extract the source code for the
  functions I need from gmplib and compile tem directly inside my
  program. Would I stand to gain anything from this?
Yes and no.

"Yes" because I am sure you can put together a faster program.
"No" because I don't think mere inlining will gain much.

If your numbers < 2^64, forget GMP and use 'long' on a 64-bit machine
(unless you're stuck with M$ systems where 'long' is always 32 bits).


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