gmp.h can't be found,or is unusable

Hua Li privatestuffs at
Mon Feb 20 02:17:35 CET 2012

Thanks, Torbjorn.

Let me make it clear.

I downloaded gmp-5.0.4 and mpfr-3.1.0, after I unpacked gmp-5.0.4,
there is no gmp.h,  then I executed ./configure, there appeared gmp.h.

But mpfr said that gmp.h can't be found, or unusable.

I did try "Make" , however, it doesn't help at all in this case.

I guess that the problem is with gmp.h, because there are a lot of "#"
in it, i.e., the gmp.h file seems like a void file.

How can I fix this problem?

On 2/19/12, Torbjorn Granlund <tg at> wrote:
> Hua Li <privatestuffs at> writes:
>   I want to install GCC, and have to install GMP and MPFR first.
>   When I tried to install MPFR, there was an error: "gmp.h can't be
>   found,or is unusable". Then I checked GMP-5.0.4 (after
>   unpacked/configured), indeed, there is no gmp.h.
>   How can I generate gmp.h ?
> Try "make".
> --
> Torbjörn

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