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Tue Feb 14 08:32:39 CET 2012


Il Lun, 13 Febbraio 2012 8:29 pm, Mike Mohr ha scritto:
> I'm attempting once again to run the GMP test suite on my target device.

> I think I've successfully built the test suite binaries as follows:
> make check TESTS=check

Good. You do not need to write "check" after "TESTS=", but it is OK anyway.

> However, that isn't enough by itself; they have to actually run on the
target device.  I have a way to transfer the binaries (actually any

I'm not an expert in the testing procedure, but I'd try to simply run them.

> Yet another problem is that the target system doesn't have bash.  As a

I'm sure that the testing suite does not depend on bash...

> result, several of the scripts (e.g. tests/t-bswap) will not run

... and on my system "file tests/t-bswap" tells me that it is a binary

> correctly.  If there is some documentation regarding how to run the
> actual binaries by hand, I'd really appreciate a link.

I believe that most of the binaries allow some parameter specification,
but they'll perform a standard test if you run them with none.
Moreover I believe that almost all failures would be easily detectable
(the test-program writes something, or it crashes, or it "loops
But this is not documented, i.e. there can be some tests (in the current
or in other versions) that behave differently.



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