Request for new functions...

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Thu Dec 27 23:47:55 CET 2012

David Cleaver <wraithx at> writes:

  Also, thank you for the inclusion of Win64 optimizations in GMP 5.1.0.

We figured out how to do it without creating a maintenence nightmare,
that's why this got done.

The basic trick is a few m4 macros which reshuffle things to make the
Windos 64 ABI apear like the ABI used everywhere else.  Then, files
which are converted are annotated to claim "DOS64" support, which the
configure system picks up.

There is some overhead, 3-5 cycles per call, which should not be
under-estimated.  One or two files therefore use a more labourious
method, with abstract register names which are then mapped using m4.

I expect that if the latter method were used allover, performance for
Windos 64 would improve a few percent.


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