Differences in gmp.h static and shared versions on Cygwin and MinGW?

Jean-Pierre Flori flori at enst.fr
Mon Dec 10 23:01:20 CET 2012

Dear all,

Its mentioned in GMP manual that both static and shared versions of
GMP cannot be built at the same time on Cygwin and MinGW because
export directives must be different in gmp.h.

However, it seems to me that the only difference between both versions
of gmp.h is
< #define __GMP_LIBGMP_DLL  1
> #define __GMP_LIBGMP_DLL  0
This is with a recent Cygwin (let's say from last week) on a 64 bits
Windows 7 with GMP 5.0.5 if that matters.

Is that correct?
Could that mean that the building both shared and static there could be removed?
(That would imply some work for libraries just checking for
__GMP_LIBGMP_DLL obviously.)


Jean-Pierre Flori

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