mpz_fac_ui calls shrinking realloc

bodrato at bodrato at
Sun Mar 20 13:07:41 CET 2011


Il Sab, 19 Marzo 2011 5:18 pm, Torbjorn Granlund ha scritto:

> mpz/fac_ui.c is on the list of functions to be rewritten.  The current
> code is very complex but not very fast.  I, Marco, and Niels had a long
> discussiion on what to do, and we have some better code too (mainly by
> Marco).  I think we got stuck on a minor decision about prime sieving in

I have some code, within a few days it will be one year old. You can find
it on-line at .
I should have started integrating it in the mainline code, but I did run
out of time... then I forgot that task...

The new code contains some functions and macros for prime sieving, three
different implementations of the factorial computation (for different
sizes, to be integrated with the tuning process), and also some fast
implementation for the binomial functions (not ready for integration,
If someone wants to test it again, I may restart working on it.



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