GNU MPFR 3.0.1 Release Candidate

Vincent Lefevre vincent at
Sat Mar 19 02:48:01 CET 2011

The release of GNU MPFR 3.0.1 ("boudin aux pommes" patch level 1)
is imminent. Please help to make this release as good as possible
by downloading and testing this release candidate:

The MD5's:
9ffa2416f765d18a588f5ff39c26f944  mpfr-3.0.1-rc1.tar.xz
bddb9e2c121c7fe4f4b5ee41599f58b8  mpfr-3.0.1-rc1.tar.bz2
8cba3aed67c97f4edbe508e30fd0694a  mpfr-3.0.1-rc1.tar.gz

The SHA1's:
3304afd2c6c7725bfd7b45dc10a6da269ab77798  mpfr-3.0.1-rc1.tar.xz
6d2c4882f8261b8691930bb602af197f21880d7b  mpfr-3.0.1-rc1.tar.bz2
20982ab044570011ae36e4a0b6263e358e472ab8  mpfr-3.0.1-rc1.tar.gz

The signatures:

Changes from version 3.0.0 to version 3.0.1:
- Bug fixes (see <> or ChangeLog file).
  Note: The mpfr_subnormalize implementation up to MPFR 3.0.0 did not change
  the flags. In particular, it did not follow the generic rule concerning
  the inexact flag (and no special behavior was specified). The case of the
  underflow flag was more a lack of specification.

Please send success and failure reports with "./config.guess" output
to <mpfr at>.

If no problems are found, GNU MPFR 3.0.1 should be released
around 2011-03-30.


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