GMP 20 years

David Gillies daggillies at
Sat Mar 12 10:55:43 CET 2011

GMP was a revelation when I first encountered it. It just...worked. I
remember the liberating feeling of being able to basically transcribe
an algorithm from a paper into code without having to jump through
painful hoops. Somewhere I still have the RSA key generator I knocked
up in twenty minutes just to prove a point. That would have been 1995
or so. I even home-brewed a C++ wrapper for it so I could do
recreational stuff without having to fork out for a license for
Mathematica on my home computer. Every time I put a virgin OS on a
machine, it's still in the first five libraries I install. In fact, if
you write -lgmp and get a linker error, you have a broken computer in
my opinion.

David Gillies
San Jose
Costa Rica

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