Problem with make install

John Harper John.Harper at
Fri Mar 4 03:55:57 CET 2011

Thank you! I was misled by the manual saying "The `--prefix' option can be 
used in the normal way to direct GMP to install under a particular tree."
Having never used either `configure' or `make install' before, I didn't 
know what the "normal way" was, but that word "install" in the 
instructions made me think the place to put `--prefix' was with `make 
install'. I'd like to suggest that the first paragraph of the '--prefix' 
instruction be changed to something like this:

The `--prefix' option can be used with `configure' to direct GMP to 
install under a particular tree, for example
   ./configure --prefix=/my/build/dir
The default is `/usr/local'.

On Thu, 3 Mar 2011, Pedro Gimeno wrote:

> Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2011 11:24:47 +0100
> From: Pedro Gimeno <parigalo at>
> To: John Harper <John.Harper at>
> Cc: gmp-discuss at
> Subject: Re: Problem with make install
> John Harper wrote:
>> The instructions then said to install (under `/usr/local' by default)
>> with make install. As I don't have root access I tried what I thought
>> the instructions then say, using --prefix, but I got the result below:
>> rimu[~/gmp-4.3.2]$ make install --prefix=/home/harperj1/gmp-4.3.2
> --prefix is a parameter for configure, not for make:
> $ ./configure --prefix=/home/harperj1/gmp-4.3.2 [rest of options if any]
> $ make
> $ make check
> $ make install
> -- Pedro Gimeno

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