New mpz_lucas... functions

Wes Freeman freeman.wes at
Fri Jul 15 03:23:32 CEST 2011

> Is there a license that would make this easier to include in GMP?  I
> wouldn't want to choose a wrong license and have my code rejected for that
> reason.
> Also, I'd like to 'publish' the code, but I don't have a web site and am not
> sure where to post it so that it is publicly available.  Could you recommend
> a place that is easy and free for everyone to access?
> -David C.

For sharing the code: github or bitbucket are popular (and free for
open source), pick your choice of git or mercurial.

For licensing: GNU's LPGL is probably appropriate, if you want to
match GMP's license. More info here: and here: and here:

I would like to see k be mpz_t, for those really big numbers. :) Maybe
we can optimize it a bit.


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